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August 2019, Issue"Taste & Looks Add Value to The Dish"

Chef Altamsh PatelExecutive Chef The Park Mumbai

August 2018, Issue"Taste & Quality of Food Speak a Lot About the Kitchen it Comes From "

Chef Jerson FernandesExecutive Chef Hotel Sea Princes, Juhu - Mumbai

Latest News

26 November 2019 HPMF’s 10th Foundation Day Today

26th November is the foundation day of Hospitality Purchase Managers’ Forum (HPMF). HPMF has hosting number of events all across India and abroad showcasing their gratitude to all stakeholders for having faith in them.

HPMF in its 10th year has become a fabulous place to learn, live and adding one another feather their cup and adding one more golden page in the books of hospitality history.

The past nine years have been about creating opportunities in regional India, growing new chapters, shaping procurement professionals to meet industry needs, creating reputation for procurement to move from back benchers to front liners and developing suppliers who can give back to the communities.

Now that's worth celebrating!

Wait for the HPMF’s big announcement for 2020!

19 November 2019 Guinness World Record for Longest Cooking Marathon Won by Lata Tandon

Lata Tandon, a chef from a small town Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, recently won the coveted Guinness World Title for the longest time spent cooking. Chef Tandon cooked for 87 hours 45 minutes non-stop setting the new record. With this feat, she also became the first woman to achieve this milestone in the world. The alumni of Chef Academy of London, Lata has won several accolades in the culinary world including winner International Indian Chef of the year in 2018.

The successful event saw Chef Lata cook more than 1,600 KGs food grains, 400 vada-pavs, 250 sandwiches and a host of other local delicacies over a span of 4 days. The food was served to over 20,000 visitors who attended the event including children from orphanages and blind schools and members of old age homes. An environmentalist at heart, Chef Lata also used this platform to encourage people to purchase and plant over 17,000 saplings.

Commenting on winning the International honor, Chef Lata Tandon said, “I have been fascinated with cooking since childhood and am fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who have encouraged me to turn my passion into a career. While I love cooking traditional dishes, I won’t define myself as a conservative chef. I love exploring regional flavours, cooking techniques and finding unexplored ingredients from different parts of India. My vision is to take these unusual hyper local ingredients and create dishes that change the limited perception of Indian cuisine at a global level.”

The longest cooking marathon was previously held by Rickey Lumpkin from Los Angeles, USA at 68 hours 30 minutes 01 second.

18 November 2019 Raising a Toast to Indian Wine Day at The Lalit

The third Indian Wine Day was celebrated simultaneously in five cities at The Lalit in partnership with Indian Wine Academy. The occasion has paired with the finest Indian wines with Indian food.

The responsibility to discover the most delicate wines from local vineyards rests in the hands of Charles Donnadieu, French corporate sommelier, The Lalit Group, and The Wine Academy, while the pairing with Indian Food had done by Chef Parimal Sawant.

Keshav Suri, Executive Director, The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, has been a passionate advocate of Indian wines says, it has been our endeavour to provide a platform and create an audience that patronises premium quality Indian wines. The Indian Wine Day has become a marquee event, not only for us, but also for the entire fraternity and wine lovers, as it has gained in popularity year after year. We are confident that this association will strengthen the platform from where the Indian wine industry can catapult to greater heights.

The same sentiment was echoed by Donnadieu, who said, “There are so many hidden gems in the Indian wine market. We have tried to put together some interesting brews from the finest vineyards in the country. The collaboration between The Lalit Group and Indian Wine Academy is sure to augment the chemistry between Indian wine producers and the hospitality teams.”

Commenting on the occasion Cavaliere Subhash Arora, Founder - Indian Wine Academy said, Indian Wine Day is to create an awakening in the mind set of Indian wine drinkers that Indian wines can be as good as many foreign wines with better value. The unreasonable price difference also provides an opportunity and encouragement for Indian wineries to not only make better wines but also compete with international wines.

The menu included offerings from Sula, Grover, Fratelli, York, KRSMA, Chandon, SDU, Big Banyan and Reveilo.

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Editor's desk

Ekta Bhargava(Managing Editor)

Dear Readers,


Better Kitchen is four years old and we are proud that we have achieved a lot more than we set out to achieve.

Each year and each issue of Better Kitchen provided us the opportunity to improve our content and give our niche readers information, insights and inputs to understand the wonderful world of kitchen... from the professional chefs and the technical staff who support the chefs in their work by laying out the infrastructure required in modern cooking and preservation of food and the ingredients that go into food preparation and processing.

From the very beginning it was our aim to make Better Kitchen a vehicle to spotlight the splendid work that goes on behind the scenes in the famed hotels and restaurants that play a significant role in drawing tourists from all over the world to India’s metropolises. And it is not just that. In a country like ours which boasts of a cultural diversity that stuns the world there is an incredible diversity in the cuisine that each region proudly offers and cherishes as a part of its tradition and cultural heritage.

We have sincerely tried to take our readers on trips to the regional kitchens through articles and features that highlight the cuisines of different regions.

Every issue we have brought out has had a focus on an aspect of the food industry that has attained a status of its own among the major industries of the world’s economy.

In this issue, besides a variety of general articles, we have spotlighted the importance of purchasing. Even in our homes the core value of a good, healthy meal that arrives on the dining table is the painstaking purchases made by the lady of the house who goes to markets and supermarkets to get the best raw material for the cooking.

In a larger sense it is the responsibility of qualified people who manage the purchase of raw material and a gamut of requirements for the kitchen to ensure that the food is not only high on quality but also safe for consumption.

As always the content of this issue is sourced from professionals and experts.

And a big Thank You for your constant support and motivation.

We have miles to go and we have ample confidence and energy because we have your support and appreciation.

Happy reading.

Ekta Bhargava
Managing Editor

Contest 2K191 September 2019 - 30 September 2019

Better Kitchen invites recipes from Home-Makers for contest. This contest is open to all the Home-Makers from the country. The selected recipes will be featured in Better Kitchen website and winner will get a chance to meet celebrity chef and interact with him/her about the recipe.

The celebrity chef will modify the recipe and give a new twist in the recipe. The modified recipe will also be featured in the Better Kitchen website.

Please submit your entry on or before 30 September, 2019


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Latest Events

Everest Culinary Challenge Jaipur11-12 January, 2019 at IHMCS - Jaipur

11 January 2019

Hospitality students are the future chefs of the world. The second edition of Better Kitchen Culinary Challenge is schedule on 11-12 January’19 at Jaipur in association with Institute of Hotel Management & Culinary Studies for Hospitality students. The theme of the challenge is Flavours of India. Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest for the inaugural function.

We solicit hospitality students across Jaipur and nearby areas to participation in the same. Each team will be consisting of two students. Kindly download the registration form from the link:-

The concurrent event is Master Cooking Class by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi on 11 January, 2019.

The other attraction is Traditional and Forgotten recipes competition for housewives, which will be judged by Chef Sokhi.

While on 12 January, 2019 the Master Cooking Class (starters) will be conducted by Chef Altamsh Patel with a starter competition for housewives. You can book your seat in the Master Cooking Class on

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